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Save money through expert tax planning.

...but in this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.

In order for people and organizations to fulfill their vision, taxes must be considered.  While tax rates have been and ever will be a catalyst for heated debates, taxes in general are inarguably a necessary consequence of living in modern society.  People and organizations have an obligation to pay the amount of taxes that the tax code dictates, but no more.

Valuable dollars can be saved by avoiding the ownership of the right investments in the wrong type of account (asset location), by gifting the right type of assets (in many cases, this means giving something other than cash), and by taking advantage of numerous other tax strategies available to individuals, small-business owners and corporations.

The experts at Integrity Wealth Advisors bring years of experience into the area of tax planning.  They enjoy working together with your CPA or other tax professional to maximize tax efficiency through implementing strategies in the areas of investments, income, retirement account, and gifting.

Jason Akridge Senior Financial Advisor

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