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Charitable Planning

Support the causes and organizations you care about

...The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.

For many people, the answer to “What should I do with my money?” goes well beyond the use of assets for only themselves or their children.  Their vision for their wealth includes supporting causes and organizations they care about.  Enter charitable planning.

There are ways to support people, causes, and organizations in a more tax-efficient manner than writing a check or giving cash.  In some cases, donors are able to give MORE to their desired recipients with proper charitable planning.  Examples include the gifting of a business interest, the use of donor-advised funds, donating highly-appreciated stock, and sending distributions directly from an IRA to a charity to fulfill some or all of the annual required minimum distribution (which reduces taxable income).

The advisors at Integrity Wealth Management are experienced and motivated to guide their clients in giving to the people, causes, and organizations they care about.  Our mission at Integrity is “to have an enduring impact on the community”.  Not only do we as an organization give away time and money to our community, but we know that guiding our clients in the area of charitable giving allows them to impact their community, which in turn fulfills the mission of impacting the greater community.

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