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Investment management

Grow your wealth and income over time

...The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.

A key component to achieving your vision for your wealth is growing, or at least maintaining, that wealth & income over time.  How much risk do you need to take?  How much risk do you want to take?  How aggressive is your current mix of investments?  What investments should be owned in a Roth IRA versus a Traditional IRA versus a taxable account?  Do I need or want to own non-traditional “alternative” investments?  Navigating these questions properly takes more than a robo-advisor can provide.

Experience is critical for the proper design & management of your assets so they can pay for the things you desire and be properly & efficiently passed on to the people & organizations you care about.  For those with wealth, we believe that advice is best provided by advisors that are under the fiduciary standard.  The advisors at Integrity Wealth Advisors have spent many years building and managing portfolios, under the fiduciary standard, that provide the necessary returns within the level of risk that is appropriate for their clients’ situations.

Jason Akridge Senior Financial Advisor

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