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Income liquidity planning service

Generate the cash needed to pay for the things you want

...When your outgo exceeds your income, the upshot may be your downfall.

Your vision for your wealth and resources will not be accomplished without the proper planning and management of liquidity.  Generating cash for things like retirement spending, business opportunities, and home purchases or improvements can be challenging.  Many questions arise regarding liquidity in our lives – “How much cash do I need, and when do I need it?”  “Where can or should I go for liquidity?”  “What is a securities-based loan and how can I get one if I need it?”  “What portion of my investment portfolio should be in income-producing assets versus capital gain assets?”  “How much cash should I leave uninvested in relation to upcoming expenditures?”

Questions like these can be answered through analysis and implementation of strategies that involve income-producing and capital gain investments, securities-based loans, mortgages and lines of credit, all of which may be critical to providing the liquidity necessary for the various stages of life and career.  The advisors at Integrity Wealth Management not only have the experience and understanding to guide you through these decisions, but can also provide you with certain advantages that come from the close relationship between Integrity Wealth Management and its sister company, Integrity Bank & Trust*.

 *Please note, our sister company, Integrity Bank & Trust, is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and an equal opportunity lender.

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